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account period concept: TS Grewal Accountancy Class 11 Solution Chapter 3 Accounting Standards and IFRS

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accounting standards

This enables consistency and helps in effective comparison of the financial statements and financial position of different companies. The accounting principles that an organization follows depends on the regulatory and reporting requirements of the region and audience to which a business caters. An accounting period of a calendar month lasts four weeks and starts on the first day of the month a company wishes to evaluate. Businesses that wish to create financial statements rapidly and evaluate tiny chunks of data at a time may benefit from calendar month accounting periods. The corporation compiles and arranges its financial activity during the accounting period.

Treasury Department and IRS Release Guidance on the Advanced … – JD Supra

Treasury Department and IRS Release Guidance on the Advanced ….

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Due to the widespread availability of computers and calculators, math skills are not as important as they used to be. Accounting is one of the most important things a business does. A bookkeeper or accountant might do it in a small business or by dozens of people in a large organization’s finance department. The reports made by different types of accounting, like cost accounting, financial accounting and managerial accounting. Preparation of financial statements on yearly basis is necessary to settle the liabilities for income or corporate tax. All transactions or events cannot be expressed in terms of money.

What is the Basic Accounting Concept?

Hereby, companies are allowed to calculate the cost of goods sold on the basis of the price of the most recent units of inventory, rather than the oldest ones. Some of the other key differences include differences regarding the recognition of intangible assets and the reversal of write downs. According to the Convention of Materiality, a transaction should be reported in the financial statements on the basis of its materiality. An item is material if it can influence the decision of the user. According to the Convention of Full Disclosure, all significant information relating to the economic affairs of the entity should be reported in the financial statements in an understandable manner. The accounting process includes summarising, analysing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

Financial statement of a particular year or specified period. To help Teachoo create more content, and view the ad-free version of Teachooo… This is the most widely used calendar structure, particularly in the retail and manufacturing industries. A year is divided into four halves in the 4–4–5 calendar, and each quarter consists of thirteen weeks divided into one five-week month and two four-week months. For organisations that follow the fiscal year begins on the first day of any other month other than January.


In the United States, a bookkeeper can handle simple accounting tasks. In contrast, other qualifications like the CMA or the CPA might be required for complex tasks. According to the Convention of Consistency, accounting practices once selected and adopted should be consistently applied year after year. Be prepared and to that end, full disclosure of all significant information should be made. Thus materiality places a restriction on what should be disclosed.

Crash Course of Accountancy – Class 11

For example, internally generated goodwill is not recorded in the books of account. In other words, goodwill is recorded in the books only when it is purchased, i.e. when consideration in the form of money or money’s worth is paid for it. It can also be a non-business group, i.e., a club, religious bodies or government. Currently the role of professional accounting bodies has increased in this direction.

  • The accounting Period is generally after every three, six, or twelve months.
  • The consistency concept declares that you should fix it for all prospects’ financial records once you decide on an accounting technique.
  • As per this equation, the assets of a business are always equal to the claims of owners and outsiders.
  • This includes knowing what is accounting, understanding accounting rules and some basic accounting concepts such as IFRS and GAAP.
  • For example, in case of Proprietors firm, though the legal entity of the business and it proprietor is the same, for the purpose of accounting, they are to be treated as separate from each other.

Companies sometimes like to use the same strategy for large expenses. The operations, financial status, and cash flows of a large organization over a certain time period are summed up in the financial statements. These are short reports after incorporating all the transactions based on hundreds of individual financial transactions. So, on top of years of schooling and hard tests, all accounting credentials require a certain number of years of real-world accounting experience.

Accounting Conventions

He decided to give a monthly salary of Rs.2000 per month keeping in mind that his unit was in semi urban area. Finally, he shortlisted one candidate, Ms. Rose Mary, who was a graduate with 45% marks and a Math student in her XII standard. She had worked for a very small period of 3 months in a local company filling a temporary vacancy in accounts department. She was an ever smiling girl, unmarried and willing to learn.

The auditor only certifies financial statements for businesses prepared under the concept of accrual accounting. The accounting period is the concluding idea you should understand. Under this concept, only financial records pertaining to the period at matter should be incorporated.

How can I study the Accounting Period Concept and its types?

If you are a commerce student then it becomes very much important for you to understand the concepts related to the accounting period. To study the accounting period concept, you can refer to the above article as you will get all the details that are related to this topic. You can also search ‘accounting period concept’ on the website of Vedantu as you will get all the reliable resources relevant to this topic.

In this time frame, a business prepares its own financial statements and reports the financial performance and position of its business to the external or the interested stakeholders. The revenue recognition; It holds that revenue generated form the business transaction should be recorded only when the sale has been made. Cost concept give benefit of objectivity in the preparation and presentation of financial statements. The application of this concept ensures that the financial statements present a realistic picture of the state of affairs of the enterprise and do not paint a better picture than what it actually is. Conservatism does not record anticipated revenue but provides all anticipated expenses and losses, thus it may overstate liabilities.

This helps in evaluating the account period concept over a period of time and compare it to equal periods of time. Self-evaluation is essential to understand where there is room for improvement. Evaluating the finances of a company over fixed sections of time helps in making decisions based on its financial performance. The act of chopping the continuous stream of business events into time periods is arbitrary. Since business activities do not stop or change significantly as one accounting period ends and another begins.

Financial Year vs. Accounting Period

Is when a corporation compiles its financial data for annual financial reporting. Potential shareholders use financial statements to assess the company’s performance. A corporation should choose its accounting period carefully and not modify it unless circumstances necessitate such a change. All accounting transactions linked to must be recorded at the same time, and mandatory accounting arrangements must be established wherever necessary to ensure that the matching principle is not broken. Internal reporting is usually done on a monthly basis in businesses. A monthly report gives a real-time picture of a company’s financial health, including cash, assets, inventory, revenue, and orders.

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PLEIAData: consumption, HVAC, temperature, weather and motion ….

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Accounting agreements are certain complex business boundaries that are complex and unclear. Although the accounting agreements are not legally binding or binding, these generally accepted terms maintain consistency in the financial statements. Although financial reporting procedures are standard, accounting principles consider comparisons, full disclosures of transactions, compliance, and use in financial statements. Most of the time, accountants in the United States use generally accepted accounting principles when making financial statements. GAAP is a set of rules and regulations meant to make it easier for businesses to compare and share their financial reports. A standard is something which is used as the basis for comparison, It is a measure by which quality of other things is judged.

As world markets become more and more integrated, countries have realized the need for a common set of accounting rules to foster comparability across the paradigm. Today, most countries are at various stages of adopting IFRS. Accounting is a business language spoken well by well-organized and trusted professionals called accountants. To standardise the diverse accounting policies and practices.

periodicity concept

US GAAP has been adopted by the US Securities Exchange Commission and is currently in force in the US. The standards were presented as one consolidated document, called FASB Accounting Standards Codification, by the Federal Accounting Standards Board in 2008. While the general ideology and purpose of GAAP and IFRS is the same, there are some technical differences between the two.

What Is an Accounting Period?

The evolutionary process of accounting principles is going on continuously. Accounting principles involve both accounting concepts and accounting conventions. This statement shows the changes in shareholders equity for the accounting period. Accounting is a vast function, it varies depending on the purpose it is used for. Financial accounting is used for business analysis, by parties external to the organization.

How will the Accounting Period Concept help me?

The Accounting Period Concept is an important tool for you if you run any kind of business as you can use it as a reference point. It will give you an idea of whether your business is in profit or loss and you can then act accordingly. You can figure out what needs to be done in the next accounting period by assessing the information of the previous accounting period. If your business is at loss, you can implement new ways so that it becomes profitable. Similarly, if your business is already in profit, you can draft plans to ensure that it keeps on being profitable.

It is also assumed that overstatement of profit is more dangerous for the business and its owners than understatement. The conservatism principle is applied less strongly now than was the case earlier. Some are of the view that ‘conservatism’ should be replaced by ‘prudence’ according to which conservatism principle should be applied only when great uncertainty and doubt exists. The consideration receivable from the sale of goods, the rendering of services and use by others of resources of the enterprise should be reasonably determinable for recognition of revenue.


It is a modifying as it modifies the principle of full disclosure. In case of sale of goods of small values on hire purchase revenue is recognised in proportion to the amount becoming due. It is so because the ultimate collectivity of revenue is in doubt.

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